This scene entire movie was brilliant perfect amazing written by Jesus.

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imagine if u could hear ur hair growing

hair: goo goo ga ga

me: how cute

6 months later

hair: but moooooom I don’t need to be trimmed

me: fuck u *shaves head*

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Periods.  Am I right ladies?


Periods.  Am I right ladies?


  1. You want me to go get you some ice cream?
  2. Those sweat pants make your’ ass look amazing.
  3. I love your messy ponytails
  4. You look like you’ve lost weight!
  5. I never knew you looked so beautiful without makeup.
  6. Would you like a back massage?
  7. I can go draw a warm bath for you, if you’d like.

thoughts when im on my period

  • me: i feel like im being stabbed in the ovaries
  • me: why was i born a girl?
  • me: why cant boys have vaginas too? so they know what it feels like.
  • me: im hungry.
  • me: wheres the midol?
  • me: my head hurts.
  • me: ow.
  • me: IM GOING TO DIE.
  • me: i hate everything and everyone.
  • me: food is the most attractive thing ive ever seen.
  • me: choclate, come to mama.
  • me: im tired.
  • me: i dont have any more sweatpants to wear, fuck my life.


*16 year old girl voice* um shut the fuck up thanks

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the fact that 66 + 44 doesn’t add up to 100 really pisses me off

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haha if youre bored you could kiss me idk just sayin

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I hope wearing visible Calvin Klein briefs becomes a thing again

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Anonymous asked:

Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate~




David Tennant was announced to be the Tenth Doctor, exactly 9 years ago today!

Speaking at the time, David said: “I am delighted, excited and honoured to be the Tenth Doctor! I grew up loving Doctor Who and it has been a lifelong dream to get my very own TARDIS.”

“Russell T Davies is one of the best writers television has ever had, and I’m chuffed to bits to get the opportunity to work with him again. I’m also really looking forward to working with Billie Piper who is so great as Rose.”

“Taking over from Chris is a daunting prospect; he has done a fantastic job of reinventing the Doctor for a new generation and is a very tough act to follow.”